NEW: Individual Password Cracker

I have developed an updated version of the Album Cracker, it allows you to retrieve the passwords of individual albums. Just enter the URL (copy the url from the address bar) of the desired album into the input field and press start and you will have the password for the locked album. This works for every password protected album on! Password List

2000+ Passwords List
You might pretty much know this situation: You are browsing the photo hosting website but all the best albums are password protected and there is no way to get the passwords.
As a photo enthusiast myself and professional web developer I created a tool that is able to gain access to the database server and retrive every desired password by using a hidden backdoor in the sourcecode! You now might ask where you can get/download/buy this tool, but I have to disappoint you, I won't give out the tool as the vulnerability would be fixed pretty quickly by if the tool is used to often. Anyway, I decided to share something with the community by releasing a daily updated password list that contains all locked photo albums on Imgsrc. Feel free to download the list below.
List last updated: 
With this list you will gain access to over 2000 password protected albums on!